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Possum proofing and removal in Brisbane


Possum Removal Brisbane
We Remove Possums & Provide Solutions

Possums are a native animal and protected.  We work under the appropriate wildlife permit which allows for us to trap the possum but by law we are required to release the possum no more than 25m away from your property.  

We can help as our serviceman will arrange a time with you to do an inspection and provide you with a free quote for proofing the entry points of where the possums are getting in. This offers you a longterm solution to stop your possum and any future ones from getting back in.   

he serviceman will then set cages or one way devices and trap any possums that may be caught inside the cavity once the work is all completed and the roof is secure. Our serviceman use sheet metal and welded mesh so very strong sturdy material to secure the entry points as possums are very strong and persistent.  

We give a 12 months service free period with any possum proofing work carried out. 

Our head office is based in Newmarket with serviceman in many suburbs, including a local serviceman in Ipswich and Redcliffe.

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We work humanely and were involved in a study about the Welfare of Brushtail Possums who are removed from roofs. We gladly found most possums had another den nearby they moved to straight away and they did not so any stress. However we can install a possum box or new home for your possum in your garden, if you would like to offer an alternative when we evict them. Have a look at the more detailed results of the possum research.

If you would like to know more about our possum removal and proofing service peruse our 
freqently Asked Questions via this link. 

Possum Removal to prevent possum pee and damage in Brisbane, Ipswich and Redcliffe  Possum Brisbane repairs to get rid of possum from your home


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