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Possums are a protected native animal and very territorial and will fight with any invading possums in their territory. Because of this it is illegal to relocate a possum. We work under a wildlife permit which allows us to catch possums, but they must be released within twenty five metres from where they have been caught. When released, a possum will try to go back into the cavity so their access hole must be sealed before the cages are set.

We offer a free inspection of your property and obligation free quote to possum proof the problem areas to prevent re-entry. Once the work has been completed, we set cages overnight to catch any possums that may have been trapped. If there is no access for cages, we use one way doors to allow the possum to exit the cavity but are unable to go back through to get back in. We provide a 12 month warranty on all proofing work done to ensure we have provided a long term solution to your problem and can offer advice on trimming trees away from the house to minimize access to the building.

Remove possums from roofs
Baby Brushtail Possum

Possum box for your possums
Two baby Ringtail possums

Trap possum brisbane and removal
Adult Brushtail eating

Possum problems in Brisbane
Hot Brushtail possum

trapping possums in roofs
Brushtail possum in tree

Get rid of possums damaging roof
Possum chewed on hole on roof

Possum relocation from houses
Possum nesting in plant pot

Rid possum from roof area
Ringtail possum nesting on roof