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Possum Boxes

When Brushtail possums are evicted from a house it is a nice idea to install a new home in the way of a possum box for them to move into. See our possum removal FAQ's.

You can purchase a basic possum house from our head office in Newmarket or our servicemen can supply, deliver and install the house for your possum.

   Brushtail possum between floors   Brushtail possum in possum box

The possum box should be positioned between 3-4 metres up a tree and facing North West. For more information check out this great guide by Wilvo which even shows how to make your own possum box.

We also have Ringtail possums in Brisbane. They usually make there own nest out of twigs called a drey. This is a spherical nest high up in a tree which looks like a crows nest. They also make these nests under overhangs on roofs and in box gutters. At times Ringtail possums will also nest in roofs and are happy to use a hollow in the right location.

   Ringtail possum nest or drey    Ringtail Possum sleeping under eaves

If you would like a more sophisticated box or a variety of wildlife boxes, we recommend Hollow Log Homes or Australian Nest Box Company. These companies also offer nest box monitoring.